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Contact us now and we will arrive promptly at your home or business. We highly value our customers and respect your privacy as well and we will never share your information with others. You and your family will really be glad that you have found the best experts to handle the whitefly problem around your home or business. We look forward to serving new customers as well. We offer discount prices with certain pest control services. Call us now; we can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Anyone that has chinch bugs, but especially in warmer areas such as Florida, will notice that the infestation can end up causing major damage to and even completely ruining their lawns. But if you don't know what you're looking for then you might not recognize a chinch bug lawn problem, or any other chinch bug signs or chinch bugs symptoms. Call us today to determine if you need to get a chinch bug treatment.

Adult Chinch Bugs

  • Adult chinch bugs are roughly one fifth of an inch long with black bodies and white wings

  • younger chinch bugs, called nymphs, are yellow when they hatch and they turn red as they get older.

  • They don't lay eggs until the weather gets warmer, at least in the 70 degree range

  • Eggs will be laid near plant roots, on leaves, or really in any sheltered or protected spot that the female chinch bugs can find.

  • When that happens she can lay up to 500 eggs, and the young will mature in roughly 6 weeks or so.

Chinch Bugs Symptoms, Signs, and Pest Control

  • Tend to be discolorations in your grass, or areas that have been weakened or outright destroyed by the insects.

  • It may appear to be drought stress damage, but grass will not green up after watering

Fortunately, before you get set on chinch bug elimination, there are several simple ways to check for them.

  • Manning Brothers Pest Control will check the areas where your chinch bug lawn problem is clearest.

  • Chinch bugs will be most visible in the discolored patches and near the curb, as well as in any shady or protected places in your lawn.

  • Walk slowly through your grass while dragging your feet, and you should see the chinch bugs slip up over your shoes where you can get a good look at them to determine what they are.

Additionally, if you press a coffee can with the bottom cut out 2-3 inches into the ground and then half fill the space with soapy water, the chinch bugs will float to the surface so that you can get a clear look at the insects that you're dealing with.

Chinch Bug Treatment and Bug Lawn Treatment

Once we determined that your lawn is in fact being assaulted by chinch bugs, you should really consider professional chinch bug treatment in order to get your lawn back under control.

  • Chinch bug elimination is not an easy thing, particularly since the bugs tend to grow resistant to all of the chemicals and treatments designed for exterminating chinch bug problems.

  • Professional chinch bug treatment has a much better chance of taking effect, especially since the treatments used by non-professionals might be partially effective at best, and outright ineffective at worst.

Whiteflies Infestation Problems that Afflict South Florida Residents

MBPC is a professional pest control service who can help you with whiteflies infestation. There are about 1,550 species of whiteflies. What makes them such a problem is they are tiny and white insect pests that are quite similar to moths.

These whiteflies present numerous problems in South Florida due to the climate there.

  • These whiteflies are closely related to scale insects.

  • They cause plants to die by sucking out their juice.

  • They are very difficult to control in greenhouses and interior landscapes.

  • They prey on a wide array of crops like cotton, fruits, vegetables and flowers.

  • They can cling to the underside of leaves, and this makes them really difficult to control.

Relief for Homeowners: Whiteflies Pest Treatment and Bug Extermination

MBPC offers a professional whiteflies pest control service that can help you rid of the whiteflies problem. The benefits of working with our South Florida Pest Control Team are:

  • We offer very affordable services

  • Our techs can come to your home or business

  • They offer excellent customer service along with free quotes and free inspection.

  • Our tech will determine the best whiteflies treatment for your area of concern. We are the experts to contact about whiteflies infestation or any other problem that are harming your plants.

  • Pest control treatment that is not harmful to the environment.

This business will provide the best treatments that will help you save money and time compared to the products that you have been buying that do not work. You can stop wasting your time and money by trying to rid of the whiteflies yourself. This business has many loyal customers in the South Florida area who rely on their services every day. Our professional staff can help answering any questions that you may have about whiteflies infestation. Our techs are highly trained and certified experts on whiteflies pest control.

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