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Commercial Pest Control for South Florida

Keep Your Ft Lauderdale Business Pest Free

Pest control plays a vital role in the health and safety of your business, regardless of the industry in which you specialize. Taking positive steps to prevent, contain and manage pest issues will protect your business’ reputation and even lower your overall operational costs over the long term. At Manning Brothers Pest Control, our commercial pest control company can help you manage your pest control options to make maintaining a pest-free workplace easy and effective in the Ft Lauderdale, Oakland Park & Orlando areas.

Three Common Pest Concerns for Restaurants

Keeping pests out of your restaurant is vital for many reasons. Many types of insects can carry diseases or cause allergic reactions that affect your customers’ health, while the sight of an insect in your restaurant can also affect your patrons’ confidence in your ability to maintain a clean establishment.

  1. Cockroaches are common pests that are difficult to kill and require professional roach treatment as soon as you notice an infestation. Because these insects are drawn to food and grease, they are a common threat to foodservice establishments.
  2. Flies are another common restaurant pest that can cause serious health concerns by contaminating food and drinks. Drain flies and fruit flies are the most common species that infest restaurants; the right pest control measures can eliminate them and the threat they pose to your restaurant.
  3. Like roaches and flies, ants are drawn to ready food sources and can be a serious concern in the foodservice industry. Effective ant control will keep a small problem from ever becoming a large one.

Special Pest Management Considerations for Commercial Spaces

Your commercial pest management plan should take into account any special considerations associated with your business operations. Manning Brothers Pest Control can help your business with complete commercial pest control near Ft Lauderdale—call us today at (954) 772-3077 to request a free quote.

  • Many of the most commonly-used residential and commercial pest control solutions are not appropriate for foodservice establishments, in which the safety of ingredients and dishware is key. Your commercial pest control company will take your kitchen’s needs into account when developing a safe and effective means of pest extermination in your restaurant.
  • Traps and other types of pest control treatments are typically not acceptable in waiting rooms and other public spaces, where patrons might see them. Alternative pest control methods may be used in common areas to keep pests away without affecting the image you present to your clients.
  • City and industry health and safety codes can play a significant part in your commercial pest control plan. Working with a professional pest control company will ensure that your business remains compliant with all health codes to protect clients, employees, and tenants.

Don't forget that pest management doesn't stop with just a single service! As a commercial building or business, you should consider calling us for prevention and containment rather than waiting for a problem to persist! We can help you keep your place of business in good shape with our pest management services, so call us today at (954) 772-3077.

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