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Bed Bugs Extermination

Treatment of Pesky Bugs in Ft Lauderdale, Oakland Park & Orlando

Bed bugs are blood-feeding insects that can invade your personal space. Our team at Manning Brothers Pest Control offers pest control services in Ft Lauderdale, Oakland Park & Orlando that can remove these bugs from your property. Bed bugs are a light tan color, but turn dark-reddish brown after they feed on blood. Before feeding, an adult bed bug is about ¼ inch long and flattened. Once engorged with blood, the pest begins to swell in size. Bed bugs can be easily seen with the naked eye, but may be difficult to spot in a room. The bed bug is an old pest that was common in homes prior to World War II.

Throughout the last four decades, bed bugs have rarely been seen outside of cramped living quarters and less than sanitary conditions such as jails or homeless shelters. Today, bed bugs have become a more common issue in hotels, motels, and hostels where there is a high rate of occupant turnover. Even five star hotels are having problems with bed bugs. Manning Brothers specializes in both extermination of bed bugs as well as treating the areas surrounding the infested areas.

How Bed Bugs Spread

Because bed bugs can't fly , they are mainly transported by crawling or being carried from one location to another. Bed bugs or their eggs can often hitchhike in a traveler's suitcase or clothing. Business men and women often travel to and from countries where bed bugs are common, including highly-rated hotels. Their flattened shape lets them squeeze into narrow places such as bed frames, headboards, in bedside furniture, behind baseboards, under buttons on mattresses, in box springs, and in other crevices.

Each female lays about 300 eggs in her lifetime. The eggs hatch in 10 days. The nymph stage lasts 6 weeks, undergoing 5 molts. The offspring of one pregnant female bed bug can quickly infest a room, and eventually other rooms nearby. Although it is difficult to identify bed bugs at this stage, treatment should begin here where the focus should be prevention rather than extermination!

Spotting Bed Bugs

If you are wondering how to spot bed bugs, speckles of dried blood may be found on bedding or places where bed bugs hide. A bed bug feeds about once a week on a sleeper’s exposed skin for about 3-12 minutes at a time. The bite is nearly painless and is not felt by most people. Although some people have no reaction afterwards, but most individuals develop a hard bump with a whitish center which can itch for days. Although bed bugs suck blood like other human parasites, there has been no evidence that they spread diseases. Bed bugs can survive for several months between blood meals if there is no person or animal for them to feed on.

A few common signs that you may have bed bugs include the following:

  • Finding insect shells
  • Spotting blood on your bed
  • Seeing small, flat bugs

Bedbugs are 5-7 mm in length with reduced wings. The mouthparts are modified for piercing and sucking. The bedbug sneaks out to grasp human skin with its forelegs, pierces the skin, and injects anticoagulant- and anesthetic-containing saliva.

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