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Learn to Treat Your Bug Bites Properly

Bug bites near Fort Lauderdale are itchy and annoying, and they can also make you more vulnerable to disease. Quality pest control protects you and your family from bug bites, but what should you do about the ones you already have? Watch this video and learn to treat your bug bites properly.

As hard as it can be to stop yourself, you shouldn’t scratch your bug bites. Instead, look at the bite and try to figure out what kind of bug bit you. For a flea bite, which commonly occurs on the legs and feet, try using basil or hemorrhoid ointment. A bullseye rash indicates a tick bite, and it could even suggest Lyme disease. Talk to your doctor right away, especially if you have headaches, fever, or fatigue. There are countless treatments for common mosquito bites, from oral antihistamines to creative solutions like deodorant or soap.