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How to Avoid a Rodent Infestation in Your Restaurant

How to Avoid a Rodent Infestation in Your Restaurant

For many reasons, pests and restaurants are not a good combination. If you want to rodent-proof your restaurant to avoid having to call a commercial pest control company near Ft. Lauderdale, then read on for tips on keeping mice and rats out of your establishment.

Clean Every Day

One of the most effective ways to make your restaurant less appealing to rodents is to keep it clean. Even small crumbs and minor spills can attract these pests to your building, so you should develop a comprehensive interior cleanliness strategy for your staff to perform throughout the day. Also, don’t forget about your building’s exterior. Dumpsters and trash cans can attract pests, so ensure that yours are secure, clean, and emptied regularly.

Seal Up Gaps

You might be surprised by how little space rodents need to gain entry to your building. Mice can get in through dime-sized holes, and rats don’t need much more space than that. For this reason, scrutinizing your restaurant’s exterior for even the smallest of cracks and gaps is a must when it comes to avoiding pest control for a rodent infestation. To help keep these critters out of your kitchen, seal up all holes in your building and ensure that there are no gaps around your windows or doors.

Repair the Plumbing

Moisture is another factor that can lure rodents to your restaurant. While a dripping faucet or leaky plumbing joint may not seem like a priority, leaving these issues unaddressed can make your building more attractive to mice and rats. To avoid offering these pests a convenient water source, address all plumbing leaks, even minor ones, right away.

Reduce Clutter

Finally, another smart way to avoid calling a commercial pest control company for rodent removal is to eliminate sources of shelter both indoors and outside. Outdoors, trim back shrubs and do not pile things against your building. Inside, use airtight and easily organized bins instead of cardboard boxes.