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Get to Know the Different Types of Bed Bugs

Get to Know the Different Types of Bed Bugs

You can find bed bugs all around the world, but the ones you find in one region won’t always be the same as the bugs in others. There are different species of this pest, and bed bugs in Fort Lauderdale are different from those found in places like South America or West Africa. There are also many bugs that are similar to bed bugs but technically from a different family, and your pest exterminator can help you handle them, as well. Cimicidae is the class of insects that feed on blood, and there are only three species that feed on human blood in particular. Continue reading and learn about these bed bugs.

When people talk about bed bugs, they’re really talking about three species. Cimex lectularius is the type of bed bug that you’ll most likely come across in the United States, although the Cimex hemipterus species does pop up in parts of California and Florida. Unless you’re in South America or West Africa, you probably won’t run into Leptocimex boueti. All of these species will feed on humans, but L. boueti prefers bats. The other two species turn to mammals like rats and dogs if they can’t feed on humans.

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