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Use this App to Identify Household Pests

Use this App to Identify Household Pests

Have you spotted a spider, roach, or other bugs in your home and want to know what it is and whether you may need a pest exterminator near Fort Lauderdale? If so, then consider downloading the free PestPro insect identification app.

The PestPro app can be thought of as the ideal bug identifier tool because it sends information that you provide about the pest to a team of people who will take the time to identify each critter on an individual basis. After answering some questions about the insect and submitting the information, you will later receive an insect report in your email inbox that includes a few more questions to help ensure that you receive an accurate pest identification. After getting your bug identification, you may have a better idea of whether it’s time to call a pest control company for roach, ant, or bed bug treatment.