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How Cockroaches Can Aggravate Asthma Symptoms

How Cockroaches Can Aggravate Asthma Symptoms

When it comes to asthma, many people think of common triggers like cigarette smoke, animal dander, and pollen. Unfortunately, there is also a common household pest that can aggravate asthma symptoms: the cockroach. Cockroach droppings and decomposing cockroach bodies are known asthma triggers. For this reason, if you or someone in your family has asthma, then don’t delay calling a pest control company near Oakland Park for roach removal. Because cockroaches can be quite resilient, leaving pest control to the professionals is often the most effective option.

To help stop cockroaches from infesting your home in the future and exacerbating the asthma symptoms of you or your family, there are several measures that you can take. First, try to eliminate all food debris by picking up pet bowls, wiping down eating surfaces, washing dirty dishes, and cleaning up pantry spills right away. Also, remember to sweep and vacuum your home regularly and take out the trash every day. Finally, seal up all possible entry points around your home while keeping in mind that cockroaches can slip through even very thin cracks.