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Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

Raccoons present annoying, unhealthy, and damaging consequences if they are allowed to take over a home or commercial property. Raccoons can carry rabies, which is a dangerous disease to humans and other animals. They can also cause significant damage by raiding food supplies, trash cans, and gardens. Professional pest control is required to determine if there is a raccoon infestation and how to eliminate it. Read on to learn the common signs of a raccoon infestation as determined by pest control companies in Oakland Park.

  • One of the clearest signs of any sort of pest infestation will be a strong smell of urine and feces. Roach problems, rat infestations, and raccoon infestations will all be accompanied by a distinct urine or musky scent.
  • Damage to different areas—such as overturned trash cans and damaged roofing—are also signs that a large pest is seeking food and shelter in and around the house.
  • If the house or commercial property also has trees, vines, and foliage surrounding the property, then it is likely that raccoons, rats, and mice could infiltrate the building. It is important to call for professional pest control if any of these signs occur.

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