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What Are Chinch Bugs?

Although you probably won’t find them inside your house, chinch bugs can wreak havoc on your lawn. You can take certain steps to identify and do away with an infestation, but you might need the help of professional pest control near Fort Lauderdale. Call your pest exterminator and watch this video for a brief look at chinch bugs.

Since chinch bugs are so small, it’s not easy to see them with the naked eye. Adult chinch bugs only grow to be about 5 millimeters long, and you can typically find them enjoying St. Augustine grass. They’re particularly attracted to grass that has been stressed by drought, and they can do some real damage to the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. These bugs feed on blades of grass, turning them from green to a yellow or brown hue. Areas of grass that experience a great deal of sun exposure tend to be most affected.