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Patch Your Screens to Help Keep Pests Outdoors

Patch Your Screens to Help Keep Pests Outdoors

The best way to practice pest control near Fort Lauderdale and avoid mice and roach problems is to keep pests out of the house entirely. Pests like roaches, mice, and rats often make their way inside through holes in your windows and doors, so it’s a good idea to patch up any ripped or torn screens before the warm weather rolls around. Watch this video and patch your screens.

If you want to keep your home free of pests, it’s best to keep your screens in top shape. A rip in your screen doesn’t mean you need a new one—you just need to fix up the tear to keep pests out. Start by cutting a square around the damaged area, making sure you’re cutting at least half an inch from the frame. Take a replacement patch and center it over the newly created hole, and then glue the patch to the screen.