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Common Summer Pests and How to Protect Yourself

Common Summer Pests and How to Protect Yourself

Insect bites can quickly ruin the perfect backyard barbecue. If you are planning on entertaining outdoors this summer, you will want to make sure that you schedule pest control services in advance. From curing a roach infestation to removing mosquitoes from your yard, a company that offers pest control near Fort Lauderdale will be able to help you keep your property pest-free throughout the summer season. Read on for an examination of some of the most common summer pests, as well as tips for avoiding them. tick - infestation


Ticks are notorious insects that can be found across the country. When you are gardening in your yard or hiking in the woods, you will want to make sure that you protect yourself from ticks. Bug spray and protective clothing can both be used to keep ticks off your skin. Light-colored clothing will make ticks harder to spot if they hitch a ride on your body. Additionally, keeping your lawn cut and maintained will prevent ticks from hiding in your yard.


The buzzing of mosquitoes is a familiar sound during the summer season. Since mosquitoes carry a number of very dangerous diseases, you will want to make sure that yourself and your family members are protected from these dreaded bugs. When you are indoors, you can keep mosquitoes away by making sure that your doors and windows are completely screened. A pest control company may also be able to help you exterminate a mosquito colony in your backyard.

Bed Bugs

During the peak summer travel season, you may be more likely to encounter bed bugs when you are on vacation. If bed bugs enter your suitcase or clothing, they can travel home with you and infest your property. To prevent a bed bug infestation in your home, you will need to carefully inspect your hotel rooms, before you unpack your suitcases or sleep in the bed. Prevention is key for keeping bed bugs out of your house.