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Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Bed bugs in Oakland Park and around the country are a pest epidemic. They live in mattresses, furniture, and even picture frames, but they also can travel in luggage and donated items. With their versatility, it is essential to know the facts about bed bugs to be better prepared against a possible infestation. Below you can see where bed bugs can live so that you know to check these areas when you spot bed bug bites. bed - bugs


True to their name, bed bugs can primarily be found in mattresses. Bed bugs can live within the mattress itself, but they are likely found in between the crevices and stitching that make up a mattress. If the mattress has a pillowtop, it is the perfect location for an infestation of bed bugs. In addition to the mattress, bed bugs can be found in the bedframe, bedsheets, and headboard.


Bed bugs can also live in furniture, whether it is upholstered or not. These pests are able to flatten themselves out and gather in the tiny crevices that make up the design found in wood furniture. They can also live—for up to a year without a blood source—in the upholstery of chairs, couches, and ottomans. It is best to check hotel and donated furniture for signs of bed bugs.

Picture Frames

Often found in hotel rooms, bed bugs can be found in and behind picture frames. These frames are usually located near the bed. However, bed bugs can travel up to 10 feet in a journey, so they can be found in picture frames and other areas far from the bed. When inspecting a hotel room for signs of bed bugs, it is essential to check the front, back, and frame of all pictures, paying close attention to those nearest the bed.


As stated previously, bed bugs can flatten themselves and end up crevices almost anywhere. Bed bugs are exceptionally small, even when they are full with a meal. This makes them very difficult to spot without a detailed inspection and the help of a pest exterminator. Always check the crevices and other seemingly unlikely areas for bed bugs, because they can usually be found in these spaces.