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Keeping Rodents Out of a Commercial Kitchen

Keeping Rodents Out of a Commercial Kitchen

Pest control is a necessary task to maintain, especially if you own a commercial kitchen. Without commercial pest extermination or restaurant pest control in Fort Lauderdale, you risk exposing your kitchen to dangerous rodents and pests. Thankfully, there are easy steps to take to keep rodents and other pests out of your commercial kitchen. Continue reading below to learn more about these essential steps. commercial - kitchen

Seal Food Products

Rodents are attracted to all types of food, especially loose grains, nuts, and seeds. Check your commercial kitchen and pantry for open boxes and bags that contain rodent attractants. Even sealed boxes and bags of food may be vulnerable to a rodent’s sharp teeth. It is best to transfer these food products to airtight, plastic containers. Rodent teeth cannot penetrate these hard plastics, which will also lock in the smell of appetizing foods. This practice will keep your flours, cereals, and other foods better protected, and it will elevate the appearance of your kitchen and its health.

Clean Dark Areas

Mice and rats do not stray far from their food and water source, which makes dark corners and hidden areas of your kitchen the perfect places to build their nests. It is essential to keep these rarely-viewed areas clean at least once a week to look for signs of rodents and deter any future nest-building. Check the corners of the kitchen, behind large appliances, and under the sinks and tables for possible signs of rodents. You may see a bundle of scraps that resemble a nest or small pellet-shaped droppings.

Remove Trash Bins

Your kitchen’s trash bins should be removed or covered on a daily basis. If your kitchen or establishment keeps rotting food nearby, then you risk attracting rodents as well as other dangerous pests. If you are unable to remove the bins every day, then make sure there is a tight seal over the bin to ensure the smell does not attract rodents, flies, or cockroaches, which can result in severe pest and roach problems.