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Why Roaches Are Attracted to Your Home

If you have had a recent cockroach infestation, then you know the trouble of cleaning up the mess and damage that they can leave in their wake. In addition to the diseases and damage that cockroaches cause, going through cockroach removal in Oakland Park can be stressful and costly. To avoid a future infestation and more damage control, you should be aware of why your home is attracting cockroaches. Let’s look at different cockroach attractants that professionals in pest control might find around your house.

  • The most obvious attractants are food items. Food can be fresh, rotting, or in crumbs, and cockroaches will find it. If you regularly leave food out on the counter—or dirty dishes and uneaten pet food—then you have likely found the reason why cockroaches are attracted to your home.
  • If you have standing water in or around your house, possibly from a leaky pipe, then you may have cockroach problems, as roaches are attracted to moist, dark areas.
  • When there is clutter or messy structures in and around your house and property, the cockroaches will gather. Any pest control professional will advise you to clean up woodpiles, cardboard boxes, and other unnecessary structures that attract cockroaches.

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