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Signs Your Restaurant May Have Mice

To keep your restaurant successful, you must keep it free of all types of pests, including preventing mice near Fort Lauderdale. If you have noticed a musky odor or found small signs of disturbances in your pantry, then consider calling commercial pest extermination for potential mouse control. Here is a better look at the signs you may have mice in your restaurant: mouse - extermination

Your pantry has been disturbed.

If your pantry items are not contained in hard, plastic containers, then you risk mice infiltrating and contaminating your food. Mice can easily chew through cardboard, paper, and softer plastics; often, your grains, flours, and cereals are contained in these materials. Mice and other rodents are attracted to all types of foods, but they are likelier to eat grains and flours in a dark and secluded area, like the pantry. If you have noticed holes or claw marks in these items, then you likely have a mouse infestation.

Your kitchen has a musky odor.

Mice give off a very noticeable, musky odor. Their droppings and urine is just as odorous, and you may soon lose customers due to these smells. If you have smelled a musky odor in your kitchen, pantry, or another area of your restaurant, then you likely have a mouse infestation. Not only can the musky odor be annoying, but it can present potential health problems for your employees and customers. Mice and other rodents can carry various diseases, such as the Hantavirus, which can be transmitted through urine, feces, and mouse saliva.

Your staff finds mice droppings.

When you or your staff find mice droppings—which look like brown or black tiny pellets—then you may have one mouse or even hundreds. One mouse can drop up to 70 droppings a day, and these droppings can emit different viruses and parasites. If you notice these pellets in or around your restaurant, likely in dark and secluded areas, then call professional pest control right away. A trained pest exterminator should handle these droppings and mouse control to avoid dangerous contaminants in your restaurant.