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Don't Let Bed Bugs Ruin Your Vacation

A vacation should be filled with fun times and great bonding, but it can quickly be ruined by the presence of bed bugs. To avoid a potential bed bug infestation, perform a bed bug inspection when entering your hotel room and once you come back home. Keep your vacation enjoyable and filled with fun memories with these bed bug prevention tips near Ft. Lauderdale: bed -bug -hotel

Examine Your Hotel Room

Though you likely read reviews and chose your hotel based on positive feedback, you should remain cautious when entering your hotel room. Even the nicest and most expensive hotels can have bed bugs. When you enter the room, place all luggage and bags far away from the bed. While examining your room for bed bugs, look for small body shells, red or rust-colored spots, or the tiny insects themselves. Lift the sheets and comforter off the mattress, and examine all the nooks and crannies of the mattress and bed. Look at nearby picture frames and bedside tables. These areas are where bed bugs are commonly found.

Protect Your Luggage

To avoid a bed bug infestation coming home with you, keep all your luggage safe throughout your trip. Refrain from setting your luggage on the bed and unpacking your clothing on the bed or in a dresser. If you wish to unpack clothing, then hang it in a closet and away from areas where bed bugs commonly reside. If possible, keep your clothing in plastic bags to prevent bed bugs infiltrating your clothing, items, and luggage.

Clean Your Clothing

As soon as you arrive home after your vacation, keep your luggage outside of the house until you can inspect and clean it. Clean all of your clothing with hot water and dry them with high heat. This should kill any bed bugs in your clothes as a final line of defense against these pests. Examine your luggage—including all nooks, crannies, and zippers—for signs of bed bugs. Keep your luggage in a tight, plastic bag that will prevent a possible spread of bed bugs throughout your home.