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Recognizing the Signs of Raccoons on Your Property

Recognizing the Signs of Raccoons on Your Property

Raccoons may be cute, but they’re also highly destructive. They can damage your property and landscaping, and ruin gardens and orchards. Raccoons have even been known to kill small animals, such as hens. Pest control companies in Fort Lauderdale recommend dealing with raccoons as soon as homeowners notice any signs of them. Otherwise, they’ll continue to inflict more damage, and they’ll breed, making your problem worse.

Abnormal Trash Redistribution

Perhaps the most widely recognized sign of raccoon activity in the neighborhood is trash disturbances. Raccoons are exceptionally skillful at breaking into garbage cans, even if the lids have been securely fastened. Unfortunately, these furry critters aren’t content to merely provide free trash removal services by eating food scraps. They also tend to rip open trash bags and scatter the contents all over the area, creating a smelly, unsanitary mess for homeowners.

Raccoon Droppings

Raccoon droppings are often recognizable by the presence of undigested food matter. Usually, raccoon scat is found at the base of trees and on woodpiles. If you notice any droppings that might have been left by a raccoon, keep your distance and call in pest control promptly. Raccoon feces can carry raccoon roundworm—a parasite that can infect humans and curious dogs. In humans, this parasite can cause loss of muscle control, liver enlargement, blindness, and coma.

Raccoon Noises

Raccoons are exceptionally vocal animals, capable of making about 50 different sounds. Their favorite sound is a low growl. You might also hear them moving around. If they climb on top of your roof or get inside your attic, you’ll hear a shuffling sound.

Human-Like Footprints

Raccoon tracks are quite distinctive. They look similar to the footprints a human might leave, except that they’re smaller. The length of a raccoon track is only about three to four inches. Check for tracks in soft soil, especially along fences and the sides of the home. If you’re unsure whether the tracks you find were made by a raccoon, a pest control specialist can evaluate them.

Disturbed Trees

These critters are good climbers. Their sharp claws leave visible scratches as they climb. If you suspect you might have a raccoon problem, check for scratches at the base of trees on your property.