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Answers to Your Questions About Whitefly Infestations

Answers to Your Questions About Whitefly Infestations

Bed bug bites serving Oakland Park can be annoying, but whitefly infestations come with troubles of their own. It’s particularly important to call your pest fumigation specialist and have a whitefly infestation dealt with if you live in Florida. Your exterminator will know just what to do, and he or she will also be able to teach you about what adult whiteflies are like, the types of habits to look out for, and how you can protect yourself from an infestation. Here are the answers to some questions about whitefly infestations. whitefly - infestation

Why are whitefly infestations problematic in Florida?

You’ve done your research and conquered bed bug extermination and roach infestations, but what can you do about whitefly infestations? If you live in southern Florida, this type of problem might be on your mind quite frequently. Whitefly infestations tend to be particularly problematic for southern Florida residents because of the climate. It’s tough to control whiteflies in your greenhouse or your interior landscape, and these pests might be especially attracted to cotton, vegetables, and fruits. These close relatives to scale insects will also suck out the juice from your plants, so don’t wait to call your pest control professionals.

How do I treat a whitefly infestation?

As is the case with bed bugs, termites, and rats, you should talk to your pest control experts if you have a whitefly infestation to deal with. Your pest exterminator will know how to take care of your whitefly problem so that it doesn’t come back. Your professional will offer a treatment method that doesn’t harm the environment, and the right company will ensure that the services are affordable. Make sure you choose a pest control company that values customer service to be sure you are treated with respect.

What are adult whiteflies like?

It’s easiest to deal with a whitefly problem if you can identify the bug. Whiteflies might have white wings, but they have black bodies, and they are only a fifth of an inch long as adults. They only lay eggs during the warm weather, and these eggs are typically laid near plant roots and leaves.